What Are Stretch Marks and How to Overcome Them

What Are Stretch Marks and How to Overcome Them

Perhaps you have just had a baby and you hate the stretch marks that pregnancy caused. There are other times in life when you will deal with stretch marks, too. They can happen during puberty. They can also occur if you are overweight. 

Stretch marks are the body's way of handling the extra size of the region. For most people, these stretched-out skin marks are only temporary since as soon as the extra weight is lost, the marks become very difficult to see, if at all. Yet, for others, they stick around.

What Are They?

Stretch marks happen whenever the skin is overstretched. This causes the surface of the skin to be unable to develop the natural, normal amounts of collagen in the region. What happens then is that the skin simply gets a scar from the result. 

In medical terminology, this is called striae. They are generally purple in color or red in some cases. Often times they will be a less bright color especially if they have been in place for some time. Oftentimes, they are soft and are generally noticeable just as a scar would be.

Overcoming Them

If you have stretch marks, you likely would like to do anything possible to get rid of them. The first step is to lose weight and to do it well. In other words, you'll need to work out and tone this area of your body considerably. 

You can use a product like cocoa butter applied to the area. Also, dermabrasion is an option. These methods can be highly helpful in improving the overall look of the skin. 

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For those that have lost weight and are unable to get the stretch marks to fade, another option is to use a laser treatment. The laser treatment allows for the removal of the damaged skin at a very low level and allows healthy skin to heal over it.

There is no guarantee that you can get rid of the stretch marks, though. You may be able to avoid them by applying essential oils to the skin where they are beginning to show. 

Many times, they will fade on their own as you age. This is especially true of those stretch marks that develop during puberty. In addition to this, keep in mind that they often happen in areas of the body that are naturally covered.